Open Source

We are convinced that for fair and successful cooperation, our software must also be open.

An important point here is transparency, which is a prerequisite for independent testing of the code and thus for security. Open source also has a positive effect on innovation and sustainable development. In addition, the development of open source software is usually more cost-effective than proprietary software. Last but not least, it promotes the development and use of interoperable standards, which improves compatibility and accessibility across different systems and devices.


We consider the financing of open source software to be fundamentally important.

However, in our view, it requires business models that do not follow the conventional logic of business, but rather rely on long-term and sustainable approaches.

One possible approach would be to use the model of Community-supported agriculture to the digital level. However, this still requires some thinking and practical experience.

Coding for Fairness would like to address this issue experimentally and develop new approaches together with business experts.